Thursday, 2 July 2015

Clarins Sun Care

I may be wrong, but from the multiple Facebook updates, sunny snap chats and hashtags about how sweaty it is to sleep, I think it may be hot in England??!?

Now I'm happy for you all, really I am, it's not like I saved up for two years to travel around the world chasing the sun, when it is just as hot at home. Really, I'm not full of resent at all...

However, with great heat comes great responsibility, and with days at the park or on the beach with minimal clothing, we must remember to apply our SPFs, as red skin is not red hot sexy. Enter, Clarins sun care

I did a post on a Clarins face mask I recived in my leaving box from work which you may have read. In the post, I explained how I had never been drawn to Clarins as a brand, and was pleasantly surprised by the hydrating face mask I received. I don't know why I say 'pleasantly surprised' about Clarins, when it is one of the biggest beauty houses in the world, I have just always assumed their products are a little clinical.

Similarly with these products, I also got these in my leaving box made by the lovely people at work, as they knew my  pale English skin would take a battering from all the foreign heat I would get.

The Clarins sun care once again gaveme a pleasant experience, with the most amazing smell and light weight cream. I had to wrestle it off my boyfriend, who many a time would apply it just for the creamy summer smell!

I used most of this in Fiji, where the days where spend mostly lazing on the beach, under the scorching sun. I applied as soon as I got onto the beach, as the cream didn't stick to the sand and sunk into my skin almost instantly. I think spending more on your suncare is well worth doing, as no one likes applying it if we are all honest with ourselves. The Clarins sun care took the chore out of doing the mandatory regime, and made it far more enjoyable.

By spending more you also gain added benefits with suncare. For example, the Clarins sun care uses the technology it uses in its other skincare, to help reduce ageing skin, which is almost crazy to think when you are lying there in the sun, skins worst enemy! It contains aloe vera which cools the skin, and baobab extract, which is from the tree of life, named aptly because it can repair any damage to itself, and the extract will do the same for your skin. It's formula makes sure you get an even golden tan, however this will only be achieved if you reapply throughout the day.

I would highly recommend the Clarins sun care, as it feels like a moisturiser for your skin and takes the effort out of applying sun cream. It also has an added bonus of not stinging if you get it in your eyes, so is great option for kids too.

Enjoy the sun everyone, but remember to do so safely! Drink lots of water and stay out of the sun around midday.

Ren Hot Cloth Cleanser

The Ren Hot Cloth Cleanser has been out for a while now, however it is still one of the newest cleansers to be launched (I think?!) from Ren. This comes from their Rosa Centifolia range, so contains hydrating rose. It also comes with a soft cloth, which is really gentle on the skin unlike muslin, which a lot of hot cloth cleansers are paired with.

The cleanser itself is really creamy, and removes all traces of makeup including mascara. The smell is a light powdery rose scent, that is really pleasant. This has lasted me ages, and I would certainly buy it again, due to it being priced at only £16.00. It was a really nice luxury product to remove my makeup with at the end of each day. What I liked about it was that I could use it with the cloth in the evening as more of a treatment, but also use the product on it's own in the morning for a gentle cleanse. I find some cleansers can be quite thick, and need the cloth to remove residual product, whereas this one left my skin feeling clean and moisturised, without needing to go through the process of using the cloth.

 The best known hot cloth cleanser on the market, is definetly Liz Earle's. If were going to be brutal and get straight to the point, then we want to know which is the best.

Well first of, Liz Earle's hot cloth cleanser is £26.00 for a 200ml bottle, so Ren's is better value for money.
 The Liz Earle one has the distinctive eucalyptus scent, which is a love or hate kind of smell. I personally find the smell a little overpowering, so I would choose the Ren cleanser again. I also found the Eucalyptus made the product slightly stingy on the eyes when I have used the Liz Earle cleanser a few times.

 I also prefer the softer flannel material in the Ren cleanser than the muslin Liz Earle provide.

I sound like I have really bashed the Liz Earle cleanser which I don't want to do at all. When I used it, I did really like it, and found my skin really cleared up and felt soft after the buffing process. I have done a couple of reviews on the cleanser before which I urge you to read if you are thinking about purchasing it.

The Liz Earle cleanser was the first hot cloth cleasner I had tried, and looking back, I was maybe a little blinded by the hype perhaps! Having tried the Ren cleasner afterwards, I have found this is much better suited to my skin type. Eucalyptus is an anti bacterial ingredient, so really good for clarifying skin, so I think the Liz Earle is great for someone with a slightly more oily complexion. Ren's cleanser has been designed to be softer on more sensitive skins such as my own, as rose is a hydrating, healing ingredient.

The only thing I will go back on in my previous post, is about muslin being gentle! I can't stand using muslin on my face anymore, as I find it scratchy and far to abrasive to be used everyday. If, like me, you have more sensitive skin, I'd say try either cleanser, but with a softer flannel. I'd recommend either the one in this post, or the Emma Hardie micro fibre cloths.

Muslin is the devil for sensitive skin!

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Sleek Makeup

3 for 2 deals at Boots really are a great way to nab some bargains. If you saw my Xmas 2014 post, you would have seen that the 'See You At Midnight Palette' was on my list, and for £10 it was an absolute steal! I also needed a new concealer, so thought why not try out Sleek's so then I can recieve a 'Matte Me' lip colour!? I am so glad I did because I have grown to really love these items, and they have become a staple to my makeup regime.

Firstly, the corrector and concealer pallette. This contains a light shade for dark circles, a more skin coloured tone to mask blemishes, and then finally a finishing powder to set it all and make sure it doesn't budge.

This colour is called 'Fandango Purple' and was a free gift when you bought two Sleek products. I am SO glad I picked this up because it is now probably my favourite thing from the three things I got. The matte finish means is does not move at all from your lips all day, and the colour is just so versatile. It's really nice and comfortable, and has a almost velvety finish. I have had a few compliments when wearing this, and I love this berry sort of colour.

Finally, the eyeshadow pallette. I bought this purely for the pomegranate colour because of a video I saw by Emma Pickles where she uses a reddy colour. She uses a strong pigment from a brand called 'Sigma', which can be quite pricey. I am not a confident makeup applier so having something more affordable means I can experiment with colours without wasting my money, plus the pigments are not so bold with this brand.

The video I liked the eye makeup in, is below, even though it is focused on black lipstick. (looks amazing but way out of my comfort zone for the moment)

The rest of the palette has versatile, shimmery nuetrals and a few bluer shades for when your feeling bolder.

For £10.00 this is a great starter palette for experimenting with bolder eye makeup looks, and the other products have made Sleek go way up in my estimations. For a high street brand, this is a great way to get your foot in the door with improving or expanding your makeup skills. 

Friday, 19 June 2015

Benefit Roller Lash

The newest addition to Benefit's makeup line is the "Roller Lash" mascara.
Designed to make your lashes look like you've had them in rollers overnight, it aims to add curl and volume.

'They're Real', is benefits number 1 mascara, being one of the most globally popular mascara. With that kind of reputation to uphold, will the 'Roller Lash' beat it on performance?


Firstly, the wand is fairly similar to that of the 'They're Real' mascara. They both have harder plastic bristles as opposed to the bumble bee like wands, however the 'They're Real' bridtles are harder and not as flexible . They both have a curvature so you can get down the very root of the lashes, but I find the results are very different.

 Personally, I think 'Roller Lash' would be a mascara you'd wear everyday. It's light weight, doesn't feel like your wearing anything and gives a more natural look. I think 'Roller Lash' doesn't quite have the same dramatic effects. 

In my opinion though, 'They're Real' isn't a mascara you'd want to wear everyday. I find it creates a really dramatic look, but can feel slightly heavy and clumpy on the lashes. The picture below doesn't show of the effects very well, but the mascara does pick out every lash making them look longer and thicker.

I guess it comes down to the kind of look you want and how you want your eyelashes to feel. 
I find when I wear heavier mascara, I have a tendency to pick at my lashes resulting in them falling out, so 'Roller Lash' for an everyday would be better for me. They both retail at £24.00 so price shouldn't sway your choice.

Have you tried both mascaras? If so, do you think the same as me and if not, why? I'd love to hear your opinions

Coco Butter Moisturiser

Hi everyone, I've been meaning to do this post for a while but still haven't got round to doing so! Anyway, whilst in the beautiful Peru, we went to a chocolate museum that taught us all about how chocolate was made. If you want to read more about that day, you can read my other blog that describes myself and my boyfriends trip away, and the Coco museum features here.

At the end of the tour, my eyes were instantly drawn to the little skin care shelf, which had many different products using the cocoa butter that is part of the chocolate making process. I took far too long deciding which one product I wanted to buy. As I'm travelling, I couldn't buy lots even though I wanted too! I tried the testers of the body lotions and lip balms, I contemplated getting the shampoo and conditioner, but in the end, I thought I couldn't go wrong with a day cream. This was only cheap as it was Peruvian prices, and the little tub is perfect travel size.

Cocoa butter, as your probably know is quite thick, so it has been perfect for the colder parts of New Zealand I've been travelling, as it gives a thicker finish meaning less damage is caused to the skin. It is really soothing, and actually absorbs really well into the skin despite its thickness. The main benefit though is the smell! Everyone in the room can tell when I put it on, as it has such a milky chocolate smell to it. This may turn some people off, but it doesn't last and isn't overpowering, but more comforting! It may not be a moisturiser I use in the day now I'm in Australia, as I'll probably want something lighter, but it's great for dry patches of skin or even as a night cream when some TLC is needed.

I love finding products that are hand made and that you can't find on the shelves of regular shops. Finding skincare in a chocolate museum was certainly the last place I expected to find my next moisturiser!

Friday, 12 June 2015

Korres Skincare

Hi everybody! Today I will be doing a post on Korres, a Greek brand that is doing everything right! Back at Christmas I bought these two gift sets as they were an absolute bargain and I thought the travel sizes would be perfect for my travelling toiletry bag. 

I'll do a separate review on the lovely body care set, but today I am going to focus on the Rose collection.

If you've read my blog before then you will know that I'm a big fan of natural skincare. Korres is a natural brand that keeps out all chemicals and nasty ingredients that damage the skin. Rose is probably one of the best natural ingredients for your skin, as it helps hydrate, reduce redness, and just generally look after your skin.

Another bonus of Rose is the lovely smell you get in all your products. The Japanese Rose body care smells of roses, but on a whole new sophisticated level. The shower gel and body lotion have lasted me an absolute age, and have been on my round the world trip with me up until recently. They have been the perfect duo to transport me back into the world of luxury when I've needed my creature comforts whilst travelling.

The other two items I got in the set have been equally as luxurious but also handy. The rose moisturiser has been the perfect lightweight moisturiser to wear everyday, and the added SPF 6 gives me slight protection whilst adding a summery faint sun cream smell to my moisturiser. 

As well as this, the brightening mask has been another luxury to add into my routine making me one of the most pampered travellers people have come across. This brightening mask just helps brighten the complexion when I've been tired from over travelling, or had some late nights.

As I said, these products have lasted me about 3 months which is fantastic for these sizes. The Korres range is one I really want to try more as their skin care looks beautiful. Keep your eyes peeled for the post on the body care set!

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Hello Hair Hydrating Hair Mask

Sorry it has been a while again guys! TOMORROW, I embark on the exciting new leg of my travels to Australia. I'll be settling down to work there for a little while so will hopefully be able to be more regular with my posts!

In prep for Australia, long ago now before I set off in March, I purchased the Hello Hair Hydrating Mask, a natural hair mask for dehydrated hair, loved by Aussies and  loved even more by Instagram. Instagram is fast becoming another means of advertisement for smaller brands, and I'm starting to find lots of products I want to try from it.

The mask was $15 (£8.00) which I think is really good for a natural product, plus I've had many uses out of my sachet, I'd say probably about 10. I seem to remember the postage to England being about the same as the product though, but whilst I'm in Aus that won't be a problem :)

The product itself is actually incredibly similar to the coconut oil I bought in Fiji, which was the last thing I posted about. It contains some of hairs favourite ingredients, coconut oil and argan oils, which helps strengthen hair to make it grow faster, and also prevents breakage. It also contains almond oil which helps hair retain its colour, and olive oil which smooths hair. You can also use the mask in the roots of you hair as the olive leaf extract is anti bacterial, and the castor oil stimulates the root to help growth.

I've used this mask at least three times now, and it's worked wonders on the dry ends of hair I've had from exposure to the sun and lack of brushing! Whenever I've started getting the larger knots in my hair, I use this for 20 minutes and it restores my hair completely. As my hair is really thick, I always go over board with the mask but it actually penetrates through the hair so well I could be using half the amount I usually do. After washing it out, I'll sometimes go for another shampoo just to make sure it's all out at the scalp, however l leave as much residue in the ends for prolonged protection.

Since using it I have also found my hair has grown really fast! Here is a picture of me 3 months ago in Rio and then a picture now.

In the 3 months my hair has grown at from below shoulder to more boob level, and it's not as frizzy either.

With the ingredients it contains, it's needless to say it smells incredible, and it  leaves your hair smelling great for days. It's a completely vegan product as it is all plant and nut extract, however they now have a new addition without nuts, so those with nut allergies can use it. 

I love the simplicity of this product, and will certainly be picking more up when I get to Australia. It's also worth having a look at their Instagram page. I love the easy wavy beachy Australian look when it comes to hair, and they post pictures of gorgeous boho hair styles, perfect for the up and coming summer months and great for festivals!