Thursday, 20 November 2014

YSL Fusion Ink Foundation

This is my favourite foundation at the moment, and it is the newest foundation to YSL. The Fusion Ink foundation is aptly named, as it's lightweight, almost watery consistency makes application really easy, and leaves you with a great colour with not much product. It is designed to give you full coverage, yet not feel cakey or heavy. I absolutely love the way this feels on my skin, and I apply it using my beauty blender which is an absolutely winning combination. The foundation is meant to contain oils that evaporate away when it touches the skin, leaving a veil of flawless complexion as well as hydrated feeling skin. It has had a lot of well deserved hype and recieved 5* ratings.

 I also think the bottle is a really pretty addition to my collection, and the bottles frosted glass look reflects the matte finish the foundation gives you. As the foundation has such a velvety feel, it makes a really nice base for other products too. I've used this with my Topshop cream blush and it blends together really well and goes on flawlessly due to the foundation. This retails at £30.50, but is well worth the money, as it doesn't have a pump, but a little applicator wand means you dont use much at all, and gives you full control of how much you use. 

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Christmas Wish List 2014

It is that time of year again where I share with you my Christmas list for 2015! My '12 Days Of Christmas Beauty Wish List' post I did last year turned out to be really popular so I thought I would do another one. I am also posting it early so I have a chance of getting them before they sell out as I tend to buy it all myself because I'm too impatient to wait!

Advent Calenders

So first on the list, you have to have a great advent calender on the countdown to Christmas. Last year I desperately hoped someone would feel generous enough to buy me the Ciate advent calender, but alas, no one got the hint haha. This year, beauty advent calenders have absolutely gone wild. You can now buy beauty advent calenders by the likes of Jo Malone and Selfridges that cost up to a whopping £300. My unlikely choice, is actually the Tesco beauty advent calender, which is a slightly more realistic £50. Now Tesco isn't the usual go to beauty brand, but this contains products from Korres (my fave!), blogger Tanya Burr's makeup range, perfume samples and many more highstreet brands.

This is a much more highstreet friendly beauty advent calender, and I like the fact that there is something different everyday rather than just one brand. Since I found this, I now can't find it ANYWHERE online, so think it now be out of stock ;(
In that case, if anyone would like to buy me this years Ciate one, I would certainly not say no :)

Wah Nails

On the theme of nails, I can hardly contain my excitement as my favourite brand in nails and nail art, have brought out their own range of polishes! Wah Nails have now launched a selection of polishes, exclusively to Boots. They also have nail art pens, press on nails, manicure tools and little kits.

Obviously I would absolutely love to own all of these glorious products, but one thing that really pops out to me is the Dreamy Days Nail art Kit. This cute kit has two gorgeous colours, adorable little palm tree and peace sign decalls, and a nail art pen. It also contains 3 sponges so you can perfectly ombre the two colours for a cool sunset look.

To peruse the whole Wah Nails range, take a look here


Next I move onto skincare, and this Origins moisturiser has quietly popped up on a lot of blogs I've read, and its one I'd like to try. The GinZing range is designed to wake up the skin and add radiance. Perfect for our dryer dull skin in these winter months. This moisturiser contains Coffee Beans, GinZing, lemon, spearmint, and grapefruit. How awakening and zesty does that sound?!


The whole range  is designed to be a skin care hangover cure, and whilst having a look on their website, I found this limited edition kit which contains the moisturiser, a lip balm, mascara and de-puffing eye cream, all squeezed into this cute bag!

This is something I may have to rush down and get before they sell out!!


This is a bit of a cheat wish product, as the Miley Cyrus Viva Glam Lip products don't actually launch till early 2015, but as my birthday is in January I can always plant the seed! No matter if you love her or hate her (I personally love her), Miley Cyrus has stepped up and joined a lot of other split opinion personalities such as Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Lady GaGa, to be the face of Viva Glam next year.

Although the lipstick looks red, my research leads me to believe it will actually be hot pink, and there will also be a matching lip gloss in their ultra shiny lipglass formula. Both will hopefully be lick proof as she is renowned for that famous tongue wag. The proceeds from both products will go towards the Viva Glam charity which supports people who are suffering with HIV/Aids.

Living Proof

I have recently been enlightened to the hair care range Jennifer Aniston co founds, Living Proof. Made infamous on Friends by her ever changing hairstyles, and even having people heading to hair dressers asking for 'the Rachael', Jen certainly hasn't missed a trick here creating her own hair care brand, as everyone wants her perfect hair.

The brand consists of 4 ranges. Styling, Full, Restore and No Frizz, the latter being the range my hair desperately needs. The range contains a shampoo and conditioner, an alternative leave in conditioner and then two styling products specifically for de-frizzing.

Frizzing is due to moisture getting into the cuticles in your hair, allowing it to puff up and become unmanageable. This range smooths down the hair so there are no gaps for moisture to get in. I can't leave the house after I've straightened or blow dried my hair. CERTAINLY not if its just been washed, so my hair often looks like a giant frizz ball. I'd love to test this range out, especially in the wetter seasons we are coming into.

Nails Inc

Onto another celebrity inspired product (jesus we really do buy into these people don't we!) and that is fashionista Alexa Chung. Alexa has been the face of Eyeko for her famous cat eye flicks, and now the effortlessy cool 'it girl' is the face of a cool nail brand. Nails Inc have been ahead of their game in the nail world, creating leather textures, and lots of fun top coat ideas. They have also had a brand makeover which looks SO much better and sleeker. Step in Alexa Chung, to finish of the brands cool revamp.

This latest set contains a cute little bag and a nail file with three really wintery colours. A pale pink and pale blue, and a stunning deep navy colour. The real excitment is with the other three polishes though. An uber shiny holographic glitter coat, a gold and silver star infused clear coat, and then a heart embellished clear coat which I have tried on and is so unbelievably cute.

This retails at £45.00 but is worth about £95!!

Sleek Eye and Cheek Palette

Sleek is a brand that I first discovered in a Glossy Box, and recently my wonderful friend Sophie has been telling me that it is a really affordable brand that has some good bits! I went to have a look at the isle in Boots and this eye shadow palette caught my eye. I think because it has that pomegranate colour I'm obsessing over at the moment, but it also has some really pretty colours like, the gold shade, and the deep purple. It can also be used as a cheek palette but I think at a push I would only want to use the dusty pink colour on my face! The best thing about this palette? it is £10.00. TEN POUNDS. This will make a perfect secret Santa present that someone will actually like, or a great stocking filler for someone AKA me.

Frank Body Scrub

This is one of the products I have discovered over Instagram. As I follow a few beauty trends and bloggers, this kept popping up on my news feed so I want to see what all the hype is about! Frank Body Scrub is basically coffee, and exfoliates the whole body and face as well as adding radiance and energy to the skin much like the Origins Ginzing range I was taking about. What a winning combination present that would make!

They have three scrubs mixed with different ingredients to do different things. They have one for moisture, one for skin pigmentation and cellulite, and one for clarifying cleansing, all priced around £12.00. I'd probably go for the original scrub, although it will do all of the above just less intensified as it doesn't have the certain specialised ingredients.
For more information, visit their site here

Zoella Beauty Line

Zoella is one of the most subscribed to Youtubers, and has a massive following on her beauty blog. She's having a book brought out, she (weirdly) featured in the new BandAid30 song, and has appeared on adverts. It would seem odd if she didn't have her own range of products, and recently she did just this! Her predominantly bath and body range is only small, but I will imagine it will grow. It consists of a choice of two cosmetic bags, a candle, fragranced body mist, shower gel and body lotion and finally a fizz bar for the bath. Most reviews I have read have said younger girls have loved it, which I guess is the market it is aimed at, but no one can say no to a pamper night so it's something I'd like to try. It's reasonably priced as well as the whole range is £10 and under! Again, another good secret Santa present.


The next product on my wishlist is this miracle growth eyelash conditioner by Revitalash, that helps your eyelashes grow and become stronger. I'm a really bad eyelash puller, and find myself pulling out quite a few at a time! I don't know why I do it, I just like the feeling of pulling mascara off my lashes but obviously my eye lashes come out with it sometimes. This product was recommend to me by my friend Jade who swears by it. I will let you read her instagram post for yourself to see her experience. (she is also a very talented make up artist so like her Facebook page here)

This product doesn't come cheap, at minimum for a 3 month supply, your looking at $98.00, but to have fantastic long natural lashes, really would be a Christmas miracle.

L'Occitane Almond Range

French brand L'Oocitane specialise in Skincare and Bath and body products. As a huge lover of marzipan, I am a sucker for the smell of Almond, and this range smells so so tasty. I didn't actually know, but Almond is a very toning ingrediant for the skin, so not only does this stuff smell delicious, it also helps firm and tighten skin which is is always a good thing. I am especially drawn to the shower and body oils, just because I love how well oils hydrate my skin. The range also does scrubs, soaps and hand creams.

Bondi Sands Tan

This may seem like an odd item on my wishlist, as in a post only this week I said I'm not a great lover of fake tan, but if you red my post, you will know that if its good enough, then I will cave in and use it! 

Bondi Sands Tan is another Instagram hyped product that I've seen posted everywhere. As I like a mousse, I would opt for the light/medium tanning foam, which costs £14.99. Compared to the other fake tans I've been using, that is actually really cheap, and from what I've read online, it has the same flalwess results without the fake tan smell. An Australian looking tan and coconut scent sounds like something I want to try!

Are there any products on here you'd want to try? 
What is on your Christmas list this year? let me know!

Winter Sun

Now the colder months are officially here, our faded tans are a thing of the past. For me, having a tan can make a huge difference. I go from being a corpse bride, to a normal alive human being. I am not a regular fake tanner, as I rarely go streak free and the smell really bothers me, but when I'm desperate, I will lather up in some bottled sunshine.

I think with fake tan, money does matter, as I have recently discovered. Splashing out on a good fake tan can make a real difference to the 'realness' of your fake tan. I have been using Madame La La tan in light, which retails at £36.00, and is inspired by the rich and famous lifestyles in Malibu. This is quite a new tan on the scene, and is apparently what a lot of celebrities are using. The brand only has two products at the moment. This one, and the normal version which is a darker colour. The tan is in mousse form which is my favourite, as it's lighter and easier to apply. I find I get less streaks when I use a mousse and mitt.

The normal tan has olive undertones whereas the Light one which I have, caters more for cooler skin tones like mine. The tan is described as a DD tan, which stands for Dynamic-Do-All. It claims to hydrate the skin, rid of the fake tan smell, give you an even LA inspired tan, detoxify, and even have anti ageing effects on your skin. As I said earlier, this is inspired by celebrity tans, and has a celebrity favourite ingredient coco water to give the detoxifying properties, as well as a lovely coco-nutty smell. The tan claims to not have a fake tan smell at all, just the coconut scent. It does smell really really nice and sweet, but you can still smell the undertones of biscuits, even if its just slightly, but it only lasts for a few hours after application, after that is is scent free. The Aloe Vera is what gives the skin the hydration, and this in turn, will have anti ageing effects on the skin, as hydrated skin is plumper and fuller! 
This tan gives me a really lovely natural golden colour which suits my fair complexion. So I am a big fan of this! Another high end tan I like is Vita Liberata. It is quite similar to the Madame La La, as it has a mousse consistency and minimal smell. Again, this gives me a natural even tan that isn't to fake looking. The other plus side to high end tan products, is that if you use them a couple of times on one week, your tan will last for 2 to 3 weeks which is always great news!

As I have fair hair and fairly sensitive skin, I don't like to use fake tan on my face as it can break me out or stain my eyebrows and hair line. Instead, I've been using this Garnier Ambre Solaire gradual tan moisturiser for the face. I like a gradual face tanner as you have more control over the colour. I like my face to be slightly lighter than my body, because if I go too dark my makeup are then the wrong shades. When I'm happy with my colour, I just build up my blush/bronzer to match my neck and body.

This again, doesn't have a fake tan smell at all, it is more of a fruity apricot-y smell. As long as you wash your hands after applying, then you have a very subtle glow to your skin that you can build up each day if you need.

What are your go to tan products?

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

October Glossy Box Pop Art Edition

This is my last Glossybox now because I have been meaning to unsubscribe for ages, but they kept putting in little hints as to what would be in the next box and I couldn't stop! The Nuxe face mask is what sold me on this box, but now it's time to stop! The theme was Pop Art which again, really drew me to the box as its so fun and colourful. 

So Susan Mascara

I really didn't get on with this mascara. The wand's bristles were barely there, and it just didn't do anything for my lashes. I put it on once, and had to put my Lancome Grandiose on top because they didn't really look any different!

Rimmel BB Cream

For some reason, I had bad preconceptions about this product and I couldn't tell you why. I just thought it wouldn't be very good coverage and wouldn't feel very nice. I guess that is packaging for you! On the plus, I actually really liked this BB Cream. The consistency was more of a foundation though. It gave really good coverage and stayed put which is my only issue with some BB creams. It also had a very creamy consistency even though it has a SPF in which is good news for your skin in the future. It proved me very wrong as this is probably one of the best BB creams I've ever used!

Lip Exfoliator

I was really pleased to get this product in my box, as Autumn is the time of year I like to wear darker lipsticks which can really dry out and stain my lips. This lip exfoliator has an easy lip applicator which you squeeze on and rub between your lips. It quickly vanishes and tastes nice so it doesn't matter if you swallow it. (Not sure if your meant too but I did, oops). This is perfect and quick to pop on in the morning just before you apply your lipstick for the day, to provide a nice smooth base for it.

Yves Rocher Perfume

The Quelques Notes D'Amor is meant to be the fragrance of falling in love in a bottle. It is very sweet and has what seems to be a black current undertone which is pretty. It has Rose, Patchouli, guaiac wood, and simmers down to a very feminine scent.

Nuxe Face Mask

This Nuxe face mask is one that you leave on and wait to soak into the skin. I really like masks like this, as I slightly resent having to wash away a lot of product, especially when I have to go and wash mud out of my hair after some masks sometimes. This clear gel can be wiped of with a pad and some toning lotion. This is a soothing and moisturising mask, and I used this when I had some aggressive red spots on my chin. The smell was so fresh and clean and lovely, and you could definitely smell the calming and soothing ingredients getting to work. My skin felt really soft and like it has been really looked after from using this. I really liked it and have been using it regularly and will continue to do so in the up and coming cold damaging months. I really want to try more products from Nuxe so watch this space.

Ciate Nail Polishes

So it now comes to the awkward time I need to confess something. I actually got sent two Glossy Boxes this month which was great for me as Ciate is my favourite nail brand and I was lucky to get two different colours! I know its bad that I got box for free but I've been reviewing them for about 2 years now so I will take it as a personal 'Thank you' from them to me :)

Anyway, the two colours I recieved were 'Talent Scout' which is a cool deep purple which I used for Halloween and 'Skinny Jeans' a gorgeous flat toned blue colour which is my favourite.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Barry M Eyeshadow Palette

For some reason, I have recently been watching lots of makeup tutorials just before bed as I find them really soothing and relaxing. Maybe it's watching someone apply a full face of makeup when I'm lying in bed all clean, that I find so comforting, but it means I have been waking up the next morning feeling a little more inspired about what kind of new makeup looks I want too try. One in particular that stood out to me, was Emma Pickles 'Black Lip' tutorial. The black lip isn't something I will be sporting anytime soon, but I really liked the eye makeup she does, as I think it's very pretty for this time of year. A bit smokey but also quite warm.

 I'm not a very 'make-upy' person, so as amazing and beautiful some high end makeup palettes are, I can't justify spending a fortune of them as I know I won't do it the justice it deserves.

 I went into Boots the other day and spied this Barry M eyeshadow palette which is a dead ringer for the Urban Decay 'Naked 3' eye shadow collection, that had people going crazy a while ago. I think the similarity is no mistake, as the packaging and colours are incredibly similar.

I jumped to get this palette, as the red-y pomegranate colour in it, is something similar to the 'Russet' colour that Emma uses in her video, which is the colour that really drew me to that look. The colour 'Russet' is from the Sigma Warm Neutrals Palette which is $39.00, so the sort of palette I was talking about earlier that I would waste!

The Barry M Natural Glow 2 palette is actually really versatile, as it has a range of lighter and warmer tones. Number 3 is the red/pink tone I lusted after, but towards the higher numbers, there are some really nice metallics. Finally that dark number 6, is a really warm brown that can be used for a bolder look. 

Number 1 is an almost skin toned colour, which is quite handy for clean up but also for highlighting around the eye. Number 2 is a really warm mushroom grey which is nice for a more subtle everyday look.

The larger palette on the right is an eyelid primer, to make sure the colours stay put, but I personally don't think it works that well, and goes on a bit smudgey. I think a normal face primer would do a better job.

Overall, I really love the colours in this palette, however the pigment in them is not fantastic. If you are a confident eye shadow wearer who likes to build up a lot of different colours for a dramatic look, like Emma Pickles for example, then this is not the palette for you, as I imagine you will quickly become frustrated with the lack of immediate intensity, and spending a little more money on a palette may be a better option. However for me, this more opaque palette gives me the confidence to be experimental with makeup, without having to commit to the scary prospect of panda eyes. The colours are quite buildable, so you can find something your comfortable with wearing and then build it up more to make it a bit more intense. For £6.49 though, this is a really great investment to spice up your daily eye look.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

October Birchbox

I will go on to talk more about the 'Coppafeel' theme of this Birchbox later on, so for now, lets jump right in and see what the October Birchbox had in store for me this month.

KMS Hair Texturing Style Spray

This didn't give me the best hold, but the almost spray putty texture meant I could really mould my hair into any style. It could still be felt a few days after using meaning mouldable hair was always possible, and it didn't have a sticky, or hard finish to it. As I said, the hold wasn't brilliant so you would probaly need to use a bit of hairspray afterwards to keep it in your desired style.

Balance Me Cleansing Balm

This cleansing balm had quite tough granules in to get the smoothing effect which I find to be a little coarse to start. Other than that, I really enjoyed using this cleansing balm and have found myself being a bit lost without it now. I really like cleansing balms this time of year as they add a little more moisture.

Pixi Tinted Lip Balm

This Pixi tinted lip balm is the perfect colour for a more easily achievable and quick way to do the Kylie Jenner lips I talked about in my post the other day. This dark nude colour is really nice for this time of year, and it's highly moisturising so a bit more comfortable to wear in the colder winter months.

Lollipops Nail Polish

This Lollipops nail varnish is a really curte shade of red. It is proper red if you know what I mean?! It doesn't have any other tones in it so it is a very bright and fresh colour. The consistency was a bit thin so you definitely need 2 or more coats, but as a brand I've never heard of before, this has really impressed me and gone to my go to colour when I want that classic red nail. Perfect for Christmas time.

The Cool Fix

I thought this was an odd product to put in the October Birchbox, as I felt it would have been better suited in a summer box where overshaving legs for summer skirts everyday can cause a lot of in grown hairs and razor burn. Once the cold hits, limbs go back into tights and leggings, so shaving can be kept to a minimum and the inner gorilla in us can come out again. I am joking... kind of. Anyway, I found this to be a really useful product, particularly on my underarms as I have really sensitive skin under there, and this helped to soothe the skin and keep rashes at bay. It also meant shaving the next time could be done sooner than usual and not be a scary, painful experience.

Birchbox Lipstick Pen

The theme of this box was a collaboration with 'coppa feel' which is charity who aim to make sure you are regularly checking your breasts for lumps or any irregularities. This cute little lipstick pen means you can mark in your diary when you last checked, so you can make sure you are keeping up to date with it! I love this little pen, it goes perfectly with my diary!

For more information go to