Saturday, 15 August 2015

Korres Body Care

A while ago I did a post on the Christmas Korres kits I got, and reviwed the rose range products. Today I am going to tell you about the body care products.

Fisrtly, we have the tinted lip balm. This is a really nice colour and has quite a good pigment considering it is only a balm. I love red on my lips so I was fortunate that this was the colour in the set.

I love the Korres packaging as every aspect has been thought about, even continuing the writing on the tube of the balm.

Next we have the hand cream. This contains Almond Oil and Shea butter, two of my favourite ingredients. This hand cream is a match hade in heaven with the Jessica Phenomenon nail Oil as that is an almond oil. It is lovely and thick but also absorbs into the hands quickly so you don't have to worry aout stickiness. It smells lovely and it one of the best hand creams I have used.

Finally we have the Guava body butter. Korres offer two body lotions, the body milk and the body butter. The body milks are slightly thinner so easier to spread, and the body butters are thicker so provide better hydration. I am ABSOLUETLY obsessed with this smell! Guava is just the tastiest smell ever. Along with Bergamot Pear, Guava is one of my favourites, although when it comes to Korres, every single smell is delightful and still remains my favourite body care range.

The set also contained one of the miniature rose face moisturiser which have been heavenly for my travels as they're mini sized and lovely, and contain SPF 6 which is good as an everyday moisturiser for the warmer weather I've been experiencing.

If you haven't tried Korres products I 100% recommend you do as they are cheaply process, all natural and just bloody lovely!!

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Illamasqua nail colour in Muse

Hey errrrybudy! Just a quick post today! The other day I popped into my
Local department store which is the Myer Centre in Brisbane central, and saw they had an illamasqua counter which got me very excited as I love their cool products and quirky arty marketing. I swiftly made my way over to the nail varnish section (as I do) and fell instantly in love with a colour called Muse, a very flat teal colour that would look great on every skin tone. As illamasqua varnishes are quite pricey (about $26) I put it back down and told myself I didn't need it.

The other day I finished my shift at work and came home to see my lovely boyfriend had bought it for me, despite saying we need to be saving up our pennies, so he won instant boyfriend points and now I'm super happy :)

It's so pretty and goes with everything, however the chip resistance isn't fantastic, so it's a no housework or anything kind of polish.

Have a great day :)

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Why I think Taylor Swift is a Terrible Role Model

This is possibly the weirdest thing I'm ever going to write.

 1.because I have never written anything like this before.
 2. because I would never usually get as involved into celebritity gossip as this.
3. I don't know whether my beauty blog is the place to say it, 
and 4 . I don't know why I felt so strongly about this that I had to write it?!

Anyway, I was listening to Taylor Swifts new album 1989 the other day, and actually realised that she sends out some terrible messages in her songs.
Now don't get me wrong, I love Taylor swift and am guilty of being a big fan of her music, but her latest popularity in the spot light has raised some questions as to if she really is the lovely funny dork she is portrayed as in the media.

Firstly, I have a massive problem with the video "bad blood" and this is where my issue started. Let's get this straight, everyone knows that the video and song is aimed at fellow pop princess and now ex friend Katy Perry, which upsets me as I bloody love Katy Perry too.

 I loved the song "bad blood"and thought it was about a man (probably Harry Styles) when I initially heard it. I would have had it as my song of the week, until I saw the video and realised who it was aimed at. At first I loved the pure stardom of it, and was fan girling my way through the whole thing. Then I watched it again and realised actually how horrible it is.

Taylor swift gets a gang of possibly the most influential women in the public eye, and essentially threatens to start an army against the enemy assumed to be Katy Perry played by Selena Gomez. Taylor Swift is basically saying to Perry in this video "all of these women hate you and are on my side" and if I was Katy Perry, id be bloody gutted that some of the biggest names in the world didn't like me.

I also think this sends a terrible message to some of Swifts younger audiences. She's basically saying it is ok to build a huge girl army and single someone out, but doing it so indirectly that you still keep your innocent image. I'm sure Katy Perry couldn't give a toss, but I honestly think this could be seen as some kind of bullying?! If we took it down to playground levels, and a girl was getting girls on her side to hate one girl, this would definitely be considered a problem.

My next problem with the Perry/Swift debacle is the reason for the said bad blood. It is assumed to have been about backing dancers, however it is common knowledge that they both dated Hollywood man whore john Meyer. This is the classic case of the man getting away with it, as Swift has not made a song aimed at him, despite making a song about any other celebrity she has had a fued with.

My next problem is with a different song on the album called "how you get the girl" an unreleased track. Here are the lyrics that don't sit right with me:

"Remind her how it used to be,

With pictures in frames, of kisses on cheeks,
Tell her how you must've lost your mind
When you left her all alone
And never told her why
And that's how it works
That's how you lost the girl
And now you say

I want you for worse or for better
I would wait for ever and ever
Broke your heart, I'll put it back together
I would wait for ever and ever

And that's how it works, that's how you get the girl"

Swift paints the picture of a relationship where the boy left a poor girl heartbroken and all her cute selfies of them over her room make her want to cry every time she sees them. She then goes on to say that if he shows up and says sorry, he'll get her back, easy "that's how it works, that's how you get the girl"

As nice as this is, I think forgiving someone who I quote "breaks your heart" should not be forgiven so easily, especially when you are ready to publically humiliate a women for "stealing your back up dancers".
 Swift is renowned for having the most awesome A list celebrity friendship group, so you'd think she would promote a "girl power" kind of attitude, and forgive and forget the little things, especially when we are in an age where feminism is on the rise, and girls should stick together

She has recently been involved in a few Twitter fueds too, and if you look back at the tweets, she is usually the one to start trouble. I'm not saying anyone should sit back and take crap from someone, but her need to get so defensive so quickly has often landed her in hot water.

The irony of Swifts argument against Nicki Minaj, is that she thought Nicki was saying something mean about her video which she is up for a VMA award for, and accused Minaj of "pitting women against each other" when she's defending a video WHERE SHE IS PITTING A WOMAN!!!
Thankfully Katy Perry didn't sit back, and retaliated with this

As much as I love the song and video, I hate what the video represents and think it would be a real shame for it to win an award. I'm also shocked that no one else has seen the seriousness behind the video, and are letting it be awarded for its coolness and cosmetic appearance when its obvious bitchiness and sending out the wrong message to her huge young and impressionable fan base.

The VMAs are on the 30th August, and with all Involved are intending plus Miley Cyrus hosting, it is bound to be an interesting show!

Like I said, I don't really know why I wrote this. I've had a lot of spare time and have probably spent too much time on social media and hopefully I won't get hounded by a load of Swifts fans now, but I felt the need to write it down somewhere. Let me know your thoughts!

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Hair Braids

Hi everyone! I hope you have been enjoying hair week as much as I have!
Today I'm going to be talking about hair braids, as it is something I have been following a lot in Instagram recently! 

Now my hair is much longer, I want to experiment with different hairstyles more, so expect to see a lot more in the future. I always thought braids were kind of childish, but some of the braid gurus I follow have proved that if done well, braids can be a fashion accessory, and look really sophisticated and pretty.

That said, I need a bit more practice with my braids to make them look as good as the people I follow, and maybe a hair cut to rid those fly always! You'll have to bear with me for picture quality because I only have my phone, and I had to take them all myself so back of head shots are a pain! But here we go!

French Plaits

This is a style I used to don a lot as a child, so wearing these got me a little self conscious about looking 4. However working in a restaurant means my hair has to be away, and my annoying baby hairs go mad in the heat and stress, so this style works perfectly to tuck them away.

I did two variations of this, one braid going into a normal plait and the other into a fishtail.

Middle parting Braid

If you follow my Instagram you'll see that I did this a while ago when Perrie Edwards (soon to be Malik) did a braid down the middle of her hair.

Her braid is very small and intricate, and quite difficult to recreate, so I've done mine much chunkier, and I think it looks better with my thick hair

Fish tail pony

Any pony with a braid always reminds me of Blake Lively as she is a lover of a stylish pony on the red carpet

Obviously her hair is styled with much longer hair, but I love the messiness of the braid but also how cool it looks. It's so easy to do and can be worn night or day.

Tumbledown Braid

I completely made up the name for this one but saw it somewhere on Instagram and can't for the life of me find the picture now! This braid is actually really easy to do, but I think it looks quite sophisticated. You start by French braiding the front of your hair and pulling more hair round from the back to create the look. It's a braid to be worn on the side so a few clips at the back to make sure nothing falls out may be necessary.

Milkmaid braids

Milkmaid braids often seen on the likes of Zoella, are a really simple way to make a pretty up do.

I'm using all my real hair in this post, so unfortunately my hair isn't long enough to wrap around my head, so I've done a smaller variation of it.

To achieve this look, I simply put my hair in a half pony, split the remaining hair into two equal sections and then wrapped around to the top of my head and pinned down.

If I'd picture myself head on you'd see the tufted ends sticking up in the middle of my hair, because it still isn't long enough to tuck under the opposite braid, but when it is long enough, I think this is a style I will wear a lot as it is a kind of natural hair band!

Wrap around fishtail

This is one that I still need to work on, as braiding around your head is very fiddly as you have to swap your hands around. I got inspiration to do this from the super mum I montaged up above, instagrammer and blogger Amber Fillerup.

She is a dream when it comes to braiding, and once she's braided, she always pulls it out to mess it up and look like she just threw it together.

I can't do the Dutch style or French style fishtail so I did a normal French plait and wrapped it around into a fish tail

This is a really pretty braid and is quite Elsa (from Frozen of course) so would be a great one for kids!

I am definitely going to be doing more braids, and practicing different styles of braids, so keep and eye out on my Instagram in the future!

Hope you enjoyed!

Friday, 31 July 2015


Invisibobbles have been on the market for a while now, and have been said to be a hair band that causes no damage to the hair, stops annoying kinks in your hair after long use, and to not pull or create split ends. They cost £3.75 in boots, and I tried them because I often get headaches when wearing my hair up as my hair is very thick and heavy so can cause real strain on my scalp.
I am unsure how the spiral design prevents tangles, because you'd think it would cause more, but it claims to be compatible with all hair types.

I found when wearing my Invisibobble, there were no tracesn of kinks afterwards at all, however I still had the same problems I usually do with normal hair bands unfortunately. As its a plastic material, I found I still got headaches, if not slightly worse ones due to the strong hold of the bands. 
I also find they get tangled in my hair very easily, but this could be due to my damaged hair as it hasn't been cut in. Long time so my split ends are very much there reeking havoc! 

I think they are a great idea though, and they come in a range of colours so are good for children. I will carry on using my invisibobbles but maybe not have them so tight, as the hold is really strong! If you have thinner hair I think invisibobbles would be good for you, as they should glide easier through your hair. 
One last thing I will say is, if you have them in your wrist, be prepared for people to ask why you have an old fashioned telephone wire round your arm! 

Thursday, 30 July 2015

New Zealand Forest and Bird Hair Care

Whilst in my travels in New Zealand, I saw these little travel shampoo and conditioners in a posh hotel. I noticed they were made from natural ingredients,  which im a real sucker for when it comes to cosmetics, so I snapped them up to use at a later date. 

As you may know, one of New Zealand's biggest produce is Manuka honey. The bees go to the Manuka plants to feed and it makes then produce this incredibly Rich honey which is great for the body and has healing properties. These Forest and Bird hair washes contain Manuka honey oil, and the smell is very floral, but also has a hint of the honey which is really sweet and pretty.

As I'm a poor traveller, I have been using really cheap hair care, and I've noticed a difference dramatically from my higher end shampoos I was using before. My scalp is really dry and was suffering from a severe case of dandruff a few weeks ago, but since using these, the oil in my hair has balanced out, and just after two uses I could see a difference in my scalp.
The conditioner has been equally as good to smooth out my ends.

What I absolutely love the most about these products, is that Forest and Bird aren't a cosmetics company at all, they are a conservation group who focus on conserving the New Zealand wildlife, such as the rare kiwi which is pictured on the bottle. A percentage of the money goes straight to helping New Zealand's animals, land and oceans

I think at the moment you can only find them in hotels, but if you go to you can see the procure there. This was a really exciting find for me, and I hope you are just as inspired and liked reading about it!

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Dove Hair Oil

So I have a bit of a confession with this product, as you know I am travelling Australia, and I have taken up a housekeeping job to work for accommodation. It isn't the most glamorous job, however sometimes you find some real gems when cleaning out empty rooms, that you get to keep for yourself. It's embarrassing and a bit skanky I know, but when you find gems such as this new Dove Hair oil, who is really the one laughing??
This Dove oil is selling itself slightly short by advertising itself just as a hair oil. As it is a dry oil, this can be used on the skin as well, and I have done so and it works nicely! The oil is made from African Macadamia oil, so obviously not to be used if you have a nut allergy. The smell is actually very sweet, and almost has a slight baby wipes smell to it (before use obviously). I have tried other hair dry oils which I am in love with, if you haven't heard me rave about Caudalie's Divine oil then you have clearly never read my blog before, but I would say that this is still nice.
Compared to Caudalie's oil which is a natural brand, I have a feeling from the texture, Dove is a slightly more synthetic oil compared to the natural oil in Caudalie. I think the Dove oil is slightly cheaper in the sense that it leaves more of a shine to the hair, so I wouldn't go over board when using it however I don't have a box so can't read the ingredients., so don't quote me on that.
Having found this, I have absolutely no idea how much it retails for, and the internet has given me about 14 different price points. I am glad I found it however, as Dove isn't a brand I would go searching for hair products in. As it is known for its classic white curved soap with the cut out dove, I associate this brand with soap and soap only, the idea of using their products before would have made me feel like I was rubbing a bar on me no matter what form it came in. I think like many high street brands now though, Dove have realised they need to up their game and come out with more products, and I think they have done well with this one. They're website isn't hugely informative about what it in the product and it gives a brief description of what it should do, so take it from me that if your trying hair oil for the first time, this is a nice one to leave at the ends of your hair for a little bit of hydration.